The biggest sale in auction history: $1.5 billion for The Paul G. Allen Collection

Yesterday, the Paul G. Allen Collection achieved more than $ 1.5 billion. This is the highest amount one single auction has ever achieved at an auction house.

Christie’s New York sold masterpieces from Allen’s Collection. In 1975 Paul G. Allen founded Microsoft together with Bill Gates. After separating in 1983 Allen continued to invest in interesting assets. In 2018 he died of cancer. Yesterday only 60 out of a total of 150 works were put on auction – this part I could already break the record of more than 1 billion US-Dollar after lot number 32. Today on November 10, 2022, the other 90 works will be put on auction.

The most expensive work of yesterday’s sale was an impressionist painting by French artist Georges Seurat. His “Les Poseuses, Ensemble (petite version)” from 1888 was sold for $ 149 million. There were four more works which were sold above the limit of $ 100 million: paintings by Paul Cézanne (1888-1890), Vincent Van Gogh (1888), Paul Gauguin (1899) and Gustav Klimt (1903). The funds will all be dedicated to philanthropy as Paul G. Allen signed the Gates initiative “Giving Pledge”.

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