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€ 9.-

Careers for Art Historians

The course is aimed for art historians who would like to know more about possible jobs in the different fields of the art market such as the primary market if you want to work at a gallery or at an artist'studio or at the secondary market if you would like to work at an auction house, as an art consultant or with an art dealer. You will furthermore learn what chances you have if you work at a museum, as a journalist or monument conservator, in the tourist industry or in an archive, library or university.

€ 9.-

The Art Market in the Time of the Pandemic

The course offers a summary of the important developments and changes which the art market has seen since the outbreak of the pandemic. You will learn more about positive and negative consequences for your job if you are an artist, a collector, a curator, a journalist or an art dealer.

You have 12 months to finish all course modules in a self-directed study.

Within these 12 months you study when and where you like. The courses are available on desktop or mobile platform.

At the end of a multiple-module course you can test your knowledge in a multiple-choice test. If you pass the test you can receive a certificate from Dr. Harriet Häussler.

If you need further advise you can book a personal coaching with Dr. Harriet Häussler.

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