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About Dr. Harriet Häussler

Dr. Harriet Häussler is an expert in art market economics. After years of managing her own gallery for contemporary art in Berlin, she started teaching at the Freie Universität Berlin and University of Hamburg in 2009. Since then she has held numerous courses, talks and conferences on a wide range of topics in this special field.

Artists, art historians, gallery owners and managers, dealers, art collectors, auctioneers and art journalists have participated in her courses at diverse institutions. Furthermore, Harriet Häussler has published numerous articles on the historical and contemporary art market as well as on artists of the 20th and 21st century. Her most recent book on the history of the art market from Antiquity until the present day will soon be published.

Since 2009 Dr. Harriet Häussler held lectures at the following institutes :

Who can study with Dr. Harriet Häussler?

Dr. Harriet Häussler’s courses aim to introduce you to the different fields of the art market. It is suitable for artists and art historians who wish to develop their professional careers and also for collectors, journalists, gallery owners and managers who would like to know more about the structure of the primary and secondary market. 

Choose from one of the following courses

€ 89.-

The Artist and the Art Market

 3 hours plus

The course helps gain a professional under- standing of the essential economics of the art market. Numerous examples from Rembrandt to Picasso and Hirst illustrate different successful marketing strategies.

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€ 19.-

Careers for Art Historians

The course is aimed for art historians who would like to find the job which might suit best.

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€ 19.-

The Art Market in the Time of the Pandemic

The course offers a summary of the important developments and changes which the art market has seen since the outbreak of the pandemic.

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