Berlin Art Week 15-19 September 2021

The 10th edition of the Berlin Art Week started for the second time under pandemic conditions.

As the German art market is still not back to its level from before the Corona crises this is one of the most important events in Germany for collectors, curators, galleries and art enthusiastics to talk and discuss about art as well as to deal with art works.

As it is the new standard in the art world the real part of the art week takes place in the whole area of Berlin, decentralised with lots of distance and in the majority outside. The second part of the art week takes place in the virtual world – the new platform “playlist” is ment as an addition of the presentation of the Berlin and so far of the German current art world.

The Art Week is accompanied by three further events, the Positions Berlin Art Fair, the paper positions berlin as well as the fair at Johann Koenig’s gallery in the former church St. Agnes, MISA.

With the Art Week the so called “Moabiter Werkhof L.57” opened its doors for the second time and gives insights in the studios from Katharina Grosse, Karin Sander, Anri Sala, Konstantin Grcic and Via Lewandowsky among others.

Berlin shows again its wide art scene. For the visitors always astonishing are the big distances between the individual locations. If you go from the “old” art centre around the museum Frieder Burda, the KW Institute for Contemporary Art, the galleries Sprüth Magers and Eigen + Art via the area in Charlottenburg with the galleries Max Hetzler and Mehdi Chouakri you could finish your trip in Dahlem in the southwest at Fluentum.

Old and new collections open their doors: you could stop at the Feuerle Collection, the Sammlung Seibert or the EAM Collection.

The events give an overview of the Berlin art scene which is still very dynamic and young. What the visitors is at the same time missing in Berlin are the big names. There are very promising new artistic positions which you can discover but there are nearly no international names. The public museums did not interact with the privately organised Art Week in an obvious way so that the exhibitions at the museums seem to stand alone, separated from the colourful program of the Art Week participants.

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