Berlin Blockchain Week 2022 and Next Block Expo in September 2022

From September 12 to 18, 2022 the blockchain week takes place in Berlin. The program offers a wide range of possibilities for everybode to connect within the blockchain community. There are workshops about crypto currency and networks such as Polkadot & Kusama or symposia on themes such as the intersection of blockchain, politics and futurology

The conference “blockchain in use” is about topical questions on and around the fascinating technology: Where it is already used? In which other industries might there be possibilites to use it. There is a focus on the use of blockchain in the creative industry as well – so there is not only a focus on the world of finance.

On November 23/24, 2022 more than 100 exhibitors present their newest developments on the pitch contest of the Next Block Expo in Berlin. More than 80 speakers discuss the Web3. There are three main subjects in the centre: Defi, Blockchain Gaming and Metaverse/NFT.

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